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The basics of area rug and runner binding

If you’re searching for area rug binding or running binding, you will find plenty of tips, tutorials, and do-it-yourself tips on how to take on the project by yourself. However, there are great benefits to utilizing the services of a professional team for this very important process. It can allow you to request a fancier binding or the perfect match for a custom shape or size. Experience makes a big difference in the final result of this procedure and can last far longer than a DIY process.

Reinhart Carpet Outlet is proud to serve the Philadelphia subdivisions of East Falls, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, Roxborough, and Mount Airy, all from our showroom in Philadelphia, PA. If you’re in need of experience, professionalism, and the largest possible selection of high-quality materials, why go anywhere else. When you arrive at our showroom, you’ll recognize a devotion to complete customer satisfaction, so stop by and tell us about your flooring project today.

Once you have your carpet remnant, you can determine whether you’d prefer to turn it into an area rug or a runner. Even better, if the piece is large enough, you can actually do both. We’ll take your pieces, measurements, and other requirements and add a binding suited to your specific needs. Color is usually matched to the carpet piece in both area rug and runner binding, to assure the most professional results.
Area Rug Binding in Philadelphia, PA area from Reinhart Carpet Outlet
Area rug and runner binding can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Binding tape is most commonly used and is added to the very edges of your remnant. A special sewing machine is then used to make sure all the edges are secure. This option works best for those not looking to spend a lot of money on the project, but who still prefer great-looking results.

Surging is a much more luxurious finishing procedure that’s usually reserved for materials that are higher quality, such as oriental rugs and high-end fibers and backing materials. Instead of using binding tape, a thread is wound tightly to create the binding. The whole procedure can take many weeks to successfully complete and will cost quite a bit more than other options.

Combining both the tape and the surging method gives you the surging tape option. It’s more affordable than traditional surging but more elegant than simple binding tape, so you get the best of both worlds for your area rug and runner binding.