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Carpet is a nearly universal feature in homes across the United States, because it is among the most versatile, comfortable, and affordable flooring choices out there. From durable synthetic fiber carpets to natural, soft wool carpets, there are options to suit almost any home’s style and maintenance needs. As you are shopping for new carpet to update your current flooring or complete a newly constructed home, there are several key facts you will want to know before you make a purchase. With Reinhart Carpet Outlet in Philadelphia and Hatboro, PA, you will not only have a wealth of carpet and other flooring choices, but you will also have the benefit of our industry expertise to guide you through your purchase. Read on for a closer look at some essentials to know before you buy new carpet.

Carpeting is a cost-effective choice.

As you compare the costs of different flooring materials, it may not be immediately clear which will be the most cost-effective, because you must factor in the longevity, comfort, and resale value of each flooring option. Carpet can have great returns as a flooring investment because modern carpeting is highly durable and stylish. In addition, carpeting is easier to replace than other flooring options, making it a smart investment dollar for dollar.

Luxury carpet in Philadelphia, PA from Reinhart Carpet Outlet
Carpet color choices can seem overwhelming.

Though it is important to consider the functionality of your new carpet, you will want to also be concerned with its aesthetic appeal. As you sift through countless styles and color samples, you might feel overwhelmed with choices. Here are a few helpful reminders to consider as you narrow your carpet color and style choices.

  • Neutral colors are always a safe bet. Much like wall colors, neutrals are favored in carpet colors, because they can be a fitting backdrop for all varieties of decorative choices. Beige, tan, white, brown, and even pale green or blue carpet can all be smart selections for the style-conscious homeowner.
  • Darker-colored carpet can make a room feel smaller. Unless you are trying to capture a sense of intimacy in a certain room, you might rule out many darker carpeting choices. Bold and dark carpet colors can make the walls feel closer in, where light colors can effectively open up your space.
  • Carpeting will appear lighter in your home than it did at the store. With any carpet color, remember that the color you see in the store may not be the same in your home. Differences in lighting can affect the way the color looks, so carpet will almost always look lighter once it’s installed.
Carpeting will have seams, loops, and other hidden weak points.

In many rooms with wall-to-wall carpet, there will be seams between pieces of carpet, because carpet width often maxes out at 15 feet. These areas can be visible or particularly vulnerable to damage if carpeting is not professionally installed and well-maintained. Loop carpet can have problems without proper maintenance as well, because loops might come loose and expose the carpet backing underneath.

To be sure that you are investing in the highest-quality, most beautiful carpet for your home, connect with Reinhart Carpet Outlet today. Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms to begin planning your new floors.