Philadelphia Carpet Remnants Done Right

Carpet remnants are a little known secret of the carpet world, as they offer carpeting an incredible value that otherwise may be more expensive. Often times, there are big jobs for carpeting and enormous leftovers exist after the job has been completed. There are usually rolls and rolls of these leftovers that have the same great quality of a traditional area carpet or even wall to wall carpet, but for a reduced priced because they were not made to order from the start. For homeowners, or those who want to spend a little less on a carpet but still come away with a high quality product, carpet remnants are the way to go. The savings are big and the value is tremendous – for more information on our selection of carpet remnants, contact Reinhart Carpet Outlet today. A member of our team can give you more information.

Carpet Remnants For Any Project

The best part about carpet remnants is how flexible they are for any type of carpet you might be looking for. Because the leftovers from big jobs come in all shapes and sizes, there is always a huge variety to choose from, depending on the project you need to complete. Our carpet remnant selection has enough inventory to offer choices for area rugs, runners, and even wall to wall carpeting, all at a discounted price. The quality is remains high because Reinhart Carpet Outlet always uses the best materials. We source from high quality brands and vendors who only manufacture the best, and we aim to pass along that quality to you, our loyal customers.

Carpet Remnant Installation

If you are in the market for carpeting but want to spend a little less, consider carpet remnants for your next project. It is best to come into our showroom to get a sense of the selection in our store. Different remnants, patterns, and styles will work for certain kinds of projects, and once our team gets a better sense of the project, we can help you select the materials to get started. As with our other carpet products, you’ll be partnering with experts every step of the way so that from the concept stage to the final installation, everything is done precisely.

Carpet Remnants – Save Money Today!

As a fourth generation family business, we have learned a thing or two about customer service and we know that our customers appreciate excellent products and services at an unbeatable price. Our carpet remnant selection allows us to provide beautiful carpeting for any sized budget. We love working with new customers who are renovating their homes or just want to be a little more comfortable under their feet. If you need carpeting but are afraid of the costs, consider carpet remnants. You’re getting the same beautiful, brand new carpeting at a discounted rate. You will get all of the same services and perks you get from purchasing other types of carpet from Reinhart Carpet Outlet, in addition to our sparkling customer service. We always aim to make our customers satisfied and we look forward to working with you today.

For excellent carpet remnant service and sales, contact the carpet experts in Philadelphia today – Reinhart Carpet Outlet – (215) 849-2222.

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