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Why you should consider waterproof flooring

You might be surprised to find, after long periods of shopping various product lines, that it is actually waterproof flooring that you wanted and needed all along. These materials offer amazing beauty, excellent durability, and a lifespan that is perfect for longer lengths of time. There are many other benefits, as well, that truly make this flooring spring to life in your home, so be sure to stop and weigh your options between this material and the others you’ve looked at recently. You might be surprised at what you find.

If you’ve been looking into waterproof flooring for very long at all, one of the things you’re likely to have heard is an industry acronym known as “WPC”. This stands for “wood plastic composite” even though no woods are used in constructing this material. Wood byproducts such as wood pulp and resin are mixed with a plastic composite to create a perfect waterproof component that protects you in any area.

Of course, you can expect complete protection against water damage with these floors, but you’ll also get an amazing appearance and excellent durability. Constructed to withstand many things other floor coverings cannot, you’ll be pleased with how long they hold up even under heavy levels of traffic. These floors are perfect for kitchens, children’s rooms, and foyers, but they work just as well in any area, throughout your home. Since accidents can happen anywhere, it makes perfect sense to be protected... just in case.
Waterproof flooring in Philadelphia, PA from Reinhart Carpet Outlet
Most waterproof flooring is easy to install, especially if you’re opting for waterproof luxury vinyl. If you choose a different material, such as porcelain tile or some varieties of natural stone, the installation process will take some extra time. Once installed, these floors are highly durable, meaning they will last a very long time, especially with the right cleaning and maintenance. All you really need is a broom and a damp mop to keep these floors looking great all the time.

Reinhart Carpet Outlet is proud to serve the areas of Philadelphia, Hatboro, Abington, Fort Washington, Horsham, and Willow Grove, PA. Our associates are always standing by to make sure your questions are answered and that you are able to browse our extensive product lines without problems. Be sure to visit our Hatboro or Philadelphia, PA showrooms when you’re in the area, so that we can work on finding the best solution to your own flooring project, no matter how large or small. Reinhart Carpet Outlet specializes in Pergo brand Waterproof flooring so ask our team about it's benefits today!