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Things you must know about your new carpet

Planning for a carpet flooring installation in your home can be an exciting time, especially when you stand to gain so many benefits from one floor covering. The beautiful appearance and amazing, plush feel under your feet are better than ever, and you will also gain many benefits that are newer to this product line, such as extended durability and lifespan. This floor covering works in nearly any space in your home, so be sure you take the time to fully consider what it can do for you.

At Reinhart Carpet Outlet we have nearly 125 years of excellence behind us in addition to an extensive inventory of materials and products. Our installers are professionally trained and have the experience to quickly and easily install any floor covering. Serving the areas of Philadelphia, Hatboro, Abington, Fort Washington, Horsham, and Willow Grove, PA, our showrooms are located in Philadelphia and Hatboro, PA. We look forward to your arrival and the opportunity to serve you.

Carpet fiber is likely the most important decision you’ll make with regard to this floor covering. With many different fibers to choose from, you should know that some fibers are better for your home than others. With nylon and polyester, you’ll get excellent stain resistance, durability, and crush resistance, which makes them perfect for busy homes. Wool, on the other hand, offers some of the most gorgeous colors available, but should never be used in busy areas or where dampness is possible.

Things you must know about your new carpet

Carpet flooring is an excellent addition to any space but is probably best understood when placed throughout most of your home. It adds amazing elegance to many spaces, as well as homey, rustic appeal in others, while also offering a wide array of benefits from room to room. If you’ve not looked into this floor covering in a while, it’s worth taking the time to look again. With some of the most recent manufacturing techniques, things are likely to have changed since your last experience.

Carpet is, as it has always been, the only soft surface flooring on the market. As such, it provides amazing softness under your feet. Nothing compares, and you’ll absolutely love it in bedrooms, living rooms, and studies, where bare feet can be a comfortable relaxation technique. Hallways benefit as well, allowing you to get from one space to the next more comfortably.

When you’re looking for an extensive variety of appearance options, carpet is always an excellent way to go. You’ll find a great selection of solid colors, patterns, and designs as well as a wealth of different fiber options, lengths, and piles, that can be combined to create just the look you want and need. You can match nearly any decor, from living rooms to children’s roomswith ease, or create a whole new look starting with the look you choose in this floor covering.

Other benefits you’ll thoroughly enjoy from carpet include excellent noise reduction, which is great for busy households, a warmer and softer surface that is comfortable underfoot, and a more stable surface for small children or elderly persons who walk with the aid of a device.

Carpet is an excellent choice for any room; however, we advise that you only use a professional installation team when installing this product. A great deal of experience is necessary, especially in spaces that are not entirely square and that have staircases that need to be covered. There are also many special tools necessary, and your professional flooring installer will have them all.

Reinhart Carpet Outlet works from a showroom located in Hatboro, PA, as well as one in Philadelphia, PA, where we strive for complete customer satisfaction. We do this by offering an extensive selection of floor coverings and services that come together brilliantly to meet all your flooring requirements. It’s our pleasure to serve the areas of Philadelphia, Hatboro, Abington, Fort Washington, Horsham, and Willow Grove, PA, and we’d love for you to visit us and allow us the opportunity to serve you as well. Reinhart Carpet Outlet specializes in SmartStrand and Air.O brand carpet flooring so ask our team about it's benefits today!
Luxury carpet in Philadelphia, PA from Reinhart Carpet Outlet
There are many benefits available in carpet that you might not have been aware of prior to visiting us. For example, you’ll find many brands offer excellent stain resistance, which is something that hasn’t always been available in this product line. With new technological advancements, that protection has been placed into the very fibers of your flooring, offering excellent protection against stains, dinginess, and the foul odors that are often associated with both. No more applying chemical solutions after your flooring has been installed, so you’ll breathe easier as well.
Other benefits you can look forward to include excellent heat retention, noise reduction, underfoot comfort, and the ability to match any decor you have in place. Heat retention is achieved by both the carpet as well as its underpadding, both acting as extra layers of insulation. You’ll find your energy bills are cheaper, giving you not only a more comfortable living space but more peace of mind as well.